> Something which seems to not be a viable option for most things is SO
> files.  For some reason, the only "real" way (documented) to get
> things into PHP is to compile them all into PHP.  I've used the pdflib
> SO file and just used dl() to bring it in - works like a champ. Pity I
> can't do that for gd and other things.  I don't NEED these things
> compiled in to PHP for every page request, yet the only method that's
> ever worked for me is by compiling them directly in.  Most packages
> don't give PHP specific instructions, and even the couple that do
> don't appear to give instructions on how to make SO files.

Hrm..  Something like

./configure --with-gd=shared,/home/rasmus/gd-2.0.1 --with-jpeg-dir=/usr

Doesn't work?  If not, please file a bug report.  It certainly should.

I am not disagreeing that things could be improved, but I would like to
see some realistic suggestions.  We cannot maintain all 3rd-party libaries
that PHP connects to.  That should be obvious.  We don't have the
resources, nor are we legally able to in some cases.


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