I'm trying this specifically with the cybercash module.  When I just do
./configure --with-cybercash=/path/to/mck, it works (well, it gets thru 
and make anyway).  

./configure --with-cybercash=/path/to/mck,shared and
./configure --with-cybercash=shared,/path/to/mck

both don't work.  Is Cybercash not something that can be compiled as a 
shared object?

Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

>>That's not allowing me to simply dl() an SO file, because I don't have the
>>SO file to start with - that's what I was trying to get at.  If I have
>>to reconfigure
>>everything, there's not much point, I don't think.  Unless I'm missing
>>obvious.  I'd like to be able to simply have an SO file I can dl()
>>without recompiling.
>>Or are you saying that that configure statement WILL create an SO file
>>that can
>>be dl()ed later, without recompiling PHP?
>Exactly.  When you do ./configure --with-foo=shared; make
>then modules/foo.so will appear magically and you can dl() that or load it
>using "extension=foo.so" in your php.ini.  You don't have to recompile

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