> What web server is better on NT with PHP?

I'm sure everyone has their own opinion, but if you're using NT, then you're
probably just as well using IIS until Apache 2.0 has a final release out.

> What PHP installation mode performs better i.e. CGI,  SAPI 
> Module , build or
> not build etc ?

SAPI modules are going to typically be faster, but you don't want to use
ISAPI on IIS/NT due to stability issues.  Setup PHP as a CGI with IIS.

> What 'S' in SAPI?
> Any suggestions on PHP configuration for Oracle, IIS, and LDAP?

Server API I believe.

> Also I am planning to use PHP scripts to run some jobs from 
> scheduler. Is it
> a bad idea?  If not what need to be considered while installing PHP.

It's not a bad idea.  You just have to have PHP installed, which you will
with your setup anyway.

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