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> What web server is better on NT with PHP?

I prefer Apache.

> What PHP installation mode performs better i.e. CGI,  SAPI Module , build
> not build etc ?

ISAPI will be faster, but not as stable for *SOME* of the DLLs that have not
yet been field-repaired for thread-safe running.

CGI will be slower, but very stable.  (Well, as stable as anything on
Windows gets...)  If you are planning on heavy traffic, not so good...

> What 'S' in SAPI?


> Any suggestions on PHP configuration for Oracle, IIS, and LDAP?

Oracle has a bunch of environment variables in Un*x that you have to set.
No idea how you do that in Windows, or if it's even needed, or what.

LDAP -- dunno how many Windows users use LDAP...

> Also I am planning to use PHP scripts to run some jobs from scheduler. Is
> a bad idea?  If not what need to be considered while installing PHP.

Not a bad idea at all.

You'll still use the php.exe file for the scheduler, even if you use the
ISAPI php.dll

Once you've converted to PHP and Apache, the next step is to move to Linux
and you'll have a really stable setup :-)

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