James wrote:
> We have several GUI applications that we are preparing to convert to
> web-based applications, based primarily on PHP.  The applications are based
> on Informix On-Line (on a SCO Unix server) and MS SQL (on NT).  Since we
> will be doing a port, in any case, I am wondering your thoughts on whether
> MySQL may be a better database solution.  This is particularly important
> from a price-performance point of view since the other two databases are
> quite pricy on a per-seat basis.
> TIA,
> James

Postgresql - www.postgresql.org is opensource and is probably a better
choice than MYsql, MYsql lacks sub slects, foreign keys and all sorts of
things you would be used to.
You can even look at firebird http://firebird.sourcefoge.net or SAPDB
www.sapdb.org which are both open source.
Database abstraction layers are fine but they can't properly replicate
functionality that doesn't exist in a database.

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