James Potts wrote:
> Manuel,
> Thanx for the excellent overview of metabase.  I will give it a test drive.
> A couple further questions, if you have time:
> Do you execute meta commands like you do with the other db interface
> functions, e.g., odbc_connect(), odbc_select(), etc., or are you able to
> encapsulate  SQL between tags, e.g.
>     <tag>
>         SELECT bar FROM foo WHERE barname = "chocolate";
>     </tag>
> Using a function set can be cumbersome, compared to embedded language
> interfaces where you just put SQL between tags, just like PHP is handled
> between the <? ?> tags.

That is the subject of some other project that I have which is an actual
meta-language defined in XML. You write what you want to do with XML
tags, and  there is a compiler that translates that in to code of a
target language, like PHP. This is not yet a released project although I
have given a talk on this in San Diego O'Reilly Open Source conference
in July, and if all goes well I will give another talk in November in
PHP conference in Frankfurt. More information on that is available here:


> Also, can you PREPARE, DECLARE, and OPEN cursors like, say, in Informix, so
> you can use variable SELECT parameters?  For example, using Informix ESQL/C
> you can PREPARE a statement, use it to DECLARE a CURSOR, and the OPEN the
> CURSOR USING multiple values, as in:
>     sprintf( query, "%s %s %s %s %s %s %s %s %s",
>         "begin work;",
>         "update account set balance = balance + ?,"
>             "where acct_number = ?;",
>         "update teller set balance = balance + ?",
>             "where teller_number = ?;",
>         "update brance set balance = balance + ?",
>             "where branch_number = ?;"
>         "insert into history values (?, ?);",
>         "commit work;" );
>     $prepare qid from $query;
>     $execute qid using $delta, $acct_number, $delta, $teller_number,
>         $delta, $branch_number, $timestamp, $values;

Metabase supports prepared queries which you can execute as many times
as you want with different values, if it is that what you are asking.

> I should be able to check metabase out later this evening.  If it can handle
> the above native database language, I think it will be an asset, especially
> for some of our older applications.

I am not sure if it is exactly what you are asking. In any case there is
an extensive manual and a tutorial that details all it can do.

Manuel Lemos

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