I am using Apache and PHP. I encountered a redirect problem in PHP, and traced it 
down, so, I generated a very short PHP page as following:

    $goto = "http://tt.mot.com/to_pdf/pdf_tmp/test.pdf";; 
    Header("Location: $goto");                                       

If the "sleep(30);" statement is commented out, this page works fine in both 
IE4.0/IE5.0 and netscape, but if "sleep(30)" statement is in this page, it will only 
work in Netscape, but not in IE.

    Is there another way to do the "redirect" in PHP? or how to fix this problem (I 
can't remove the "sleep" statement because in the real program, it is a "System call" 
and will take more than 30 seconds)?

     Thank you very much in advance.


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