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Date: Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 11:27:41AM -0500
Subject: RE: [PHP] Header() function and redirect

> But I have to wait for the application to finish. The idea is: the application will 
>take the file, and convert it into PDF file (it takes more than 30 seconds 
>generally), then display the generated  PDF file.
> I am just wondering if I can use "Header()" to redirect to a general php page, then 
>in that page, redirect to the PDF file.
> Thanks,
> George

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Ah... well...

Don't know what you exactly mean, but you either have to wait 'till
the processing has been done (which, like I said, takes too long to
wait for), or you can use one of the following options:

- You can have an email send to the user telling him/her that the
  PDF is ready. You can either send it as an attachment, or just
  send a URL of the page where the PDF can be downloaded.
- You can have the user redirected to a page with a download link on
  it. Then you still have to problem, though, that the PDF isn't
  ready yet at the moment the user gets that link.

But you get back to what you're wondering ("if I can use "Header()"
to redirect to a general php page"); Yes, ofcourse... you can do it
before or after the processing. But! You can't do anything about
client-timeouts. And let's be honest... It's not that weird that a
browser gives up if it doesn't get any answer for more than 30
seconds. It's a pretty long timeout already.



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