The thing I want to avoid is using my server's bandwidth. Each member gets a
profile and can have a photo referenced from their homepage. I use to allow
people to upload photos, but I'm getting close to using my 60GB bandwith
limit. The people that have photos on geocities couldn't reference a photo
because their servers don't allow remote hosts displaying pictures off their
site. Using 'fpassthru' fixed that. However, my next question is if the
'fpassthru' brings the information to my server and then shoots it to the
visitor's browser. I know I'm not saving their photos to my server, I just
want to make sure I'm not killing my alotted bandwith. Does 'fpassthru' do
this? If so, is there another solution?

Thanks for helping me with this.


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On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Joseph Bannon wrote:

> What exactly does fpassthru do? Does it download it to my server and then
> shoot it to the browser??


For the file pointer on which it operates, it reads the file pointer until
EOF and sends the data to STDOUT.  It is very much like the 'cat' command
in Unix.  The file pointer can be to a local or remote file opened with
fopen(), or a remote data source opened with fsockopen().

And as always, there's a gem in the docs ... readfile() does the
same thing as fpassthru() but doesn't need a file pointer.  It just needs
a path to a file, so you can eliminate the fopen().

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