On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Joseph Bannon wrote:

> The thing I want to avoid is using my server's bandwidth. Each member gets a
> profile and can have a photo referenced from their homepage. I use to allow
> people to upload photos, but I'm getting close to using my 60GB bandwith
> limit. The people that have photos on geocities couldn't reference a photo
> because their servers don't allow remote hosts displaying pictures off their
> site. Using 'fpassthru' fixed that. However, my next question is if the
> 'fpassthru' brings the information to my server and then shoots it to the
> visitor's browser. I know I'm not saving their photos to my server, I just
> want to make sure I'm not killing my alotted bandwith. Does 'fpassthru' do
> this? If so, is there another solution?

If the image you're sending to the browser comes from a remote host,
unfortunately, yes, that image data does get transferred to your server,
and then gets transferred again to the users' browsers.  Since PHP is a
server-side solution, there isn't a way to skip out on the data transfer
to your server and use PHP to send the image.  The image data has to come
from your server when using PHP.  You may have to get creative with HTML,
DHTML, etc. to work around displaying the remote images from your site.

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