I have a php url on wich in some steps through several forms (on the same 
url) I do some interaction with DB. I have a session variable with the step I 
am currently doing.

For example

if (!session_is_registered("MyVar")) 
        $MyVar="Second Time";
        //Do some stuff
        //Show a form with the same url in action 
elseif ($MyVar="Second Time)
        //Do some stuff with the previous form data
        //Show a form with the same url in action 
        $MyVar="Third Time";
elseif ($MyVar="Third Time")
        //Do some stuff with previous form data
        //link to the main page

The problem appears when the client-user use reload on the browser. The 
aplication goes on to the next step without the form data. 
My question are:

        Is there any way to go back to the fisrt step when a user makes a reload?
        Does anybody know another idea to manage this kind of work?

Thank in advance


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