I'm using imap_header to get all the headers in a newsgroup on a NNTP-server
like this

                        $header = imap_header($nntp, $i);
                        echo "MESSAGE ID: " .
HTMLSpecialChars($header->message_id) . "<BR>\n";
                        echo "SUBJECT:<a href='visInd.php'>" .
$header->Subject . "<br>\n</a>";

           echo "SENDER ADDRESS: " .
HTMLSpecialChars($header->senderaddress) . "<BR>\n";
                       echo "REPLY-TO: " .
HTMLSpecialChars($header->reply_toaddress) . "<BR>\n";
                        print("DATE: $header->date<br>\n");
            echo "REFERENCES: " . HTMLSpecialChars($header->references) .
            print("XREF: " . $header->xref) . "<BR>";

But I can't get it to write the XREF on the screen. Every thing else works.

I hope that you can help me


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