You should send those people an email tell them of your specs, and you want
some kind of lab results to look at because you beleive their article is
full of sh*t....

nick wrote:

> Hi all in the list :
> I read an news that said jsp/ is better than php..
> They made a test that asp/php/jsp/ using "for loops",
> Jsp from 1 to 20000 takes only 4 secs
> Asp from 1 to 2000 (not 20000) takes 72 secs
> Php from 1 to 2000 (not 20000) takes 68 secs
> Asp.Net from 1 to 20000 takes only 3.5~3.8 secs...
> So is it time to learn jsp/asp+ instead of learning php ..???
> I am so confused ~
> I have been learning php for a while and now it said jsp/asp+ is better
> than it.@@

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