I've gone an annoying problem. On our site I've trapped "file does not
exist" errors at Apache level to send out my own error screen with a company
logo, link to home page and a mailto link, but this doesn't work for any
request for a page that would be parsed by php if it existed. In this case a
valid html page (containing the php error) is returned. The problem seems to
be that as far as Apache is concerned there isn't an error. I haven't found
anything in php that allows me to trap errors like this. Error reporting
levels aren't helpful as I still need the error trapped.

I'm sure I'm not the first person who has come across this, and I'm hoping
someone out there has found a way around it.

I'm running PHP 4.0.0, Apache 1.3 on NT (yes I know, but our network manager
has promised me a linux box)

        Tim Ward
        Senior Systems Engineer

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