I couldn't help but frown at this message...  This is typical of this and
hundreds of other lists... instead of learning the language, people just
jump in, try to write code, and then when something doesn't work, it's the
language's fault...  It absolutely amazes me that such a huge number of
people don't bother reading the manual or even attempt learning the

global variables have to be declared in functions.  It's a basic fact, and
should've been learned before even attempting a line of code...

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> Subject: Re: [PHP] Problem with PHP_SELF
> On Mon, 03 Sep 2001 15:11:04 -0700, you wrote:
> Following up my own post (in case someone finds this in the archives):
> >Is there any situation where such variables would be available to
> >phpinfo(), but not the rest of the script?
> You can't see $PHP_SELF within a function until you declare it global.
> This language really frustrates me sometimes...

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