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>I couldn't help but frown at this message...  This is typical of this and
>hundreds of other lists... instead of learning the language, people just
>jump in, try to write code, and then when something doesn't work, it's the
>language's fault...  It absolutely amazes me that such a huge number of
>people don't bother reading the manual or even attempt learning the

The tone of your message is well-deserved... I switched to "help me"
mode long before I should have because I was under pressure of time.

>global variables have to be declared in functions.  It's a basic fact, and
>should've been learned before even attempting a line of code...

In fact, the function in question /already/ had a bunch of my own
variables declared global in it... I thoughtlessly jumped to the
conclusion that the install was at fault because i have reason not to
trust it.

My other point still stands though (I think) - that marking a variable
as "global" to "pull it in to scope" is a clunky, ass-backwards way of
doing things.


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