On Mon, 3 Sep 2001 19:33:38 +0200, BRACK ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>$result =  mysql_query("SELECT skits.*,category.*,match
>(skits.title,skits.descr,skits.skits) against ('$relev') as  from

oops, should be 'against ('$relev') as relevance from'

>skits,category where (skits.title like '%$title_search%' &&

use 'and' instead of &&

>skits.descr like '%$descr_search%' && skits.skits like
>'%$act_search%' && skits.lang like '%$lang_search%' &&
>category.kat_name like '%$category_search%') and
>(skits.category like category.cat_id) ORDER by relevance desc
>limit $limit,10");

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