On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Seb Frost wrote:

> I have a folder of ~80kb images that are dynamically resized using PHP into
> ~1.4kb thumbnails.  Now for each one the PHP server sends an HTTP request
> for the 80kb image, and this is being counted against my 10,000MB.
> Should it?  Am I in the right in thinking that it shouldn't?
So, your PHP scripts are on one server, and your big images are on a
separate server?  If so, you are generating traffic between the two
servers ... at which point you need to consult your service contract.
Your contract should tell you for what traffic (including between which
servers, across which networks) you will be billed.  It's kind of strict
to charge for traffic across a local network ... I wish you luck fighting
your ISP if the contract doesn't define for which traffic you'll be

Aside from the ISP issue ... dynamically resizing 80K images on the fly is
frightful thing.  Creating thumbnails [once/at regular intervals] would be
a wise step to take.  It takes the load off the web server and will cut
your network traffic.  The tradeoff is disk space usage ... but you can
store 57 1.4KB thumbnails in the same space as one 80KB image :)  Good

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