On 4 Sep 01, at 1:14, Seb Frost wrote:

> My ISP has a limit on my site of 10,000MB of data transfer per month.
> 4 days into september and I'm already at 2,500MB.  It would seem they're
> including requests by their own PHP server.
> I have a folder of ~80kb images that are dynamically resized using PHP into
> ~1.4kb thumbnails.  Now for each one the PHP server sends an HTTP request for
> the 80kb image, and this is being counted against my 10,000MB.
> Should it?  Am I in the right in thinking that it shouldn't?

I would think that, basically, it's their server and they can do pretty much 
whatever they like with it.  If you don't like it you can attempt to change 
their policy or vote with your feed and move elsewhere.

Just my opinion though.

CYA, Dave

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