Hello Everybody,
I have a script that checks if the password and password confirm are the 
same on a sign up page. It seems that if the password is already in the 
db it prints out passwords do not match like the password and confirm do 
not match. Why?

    //check if passwords match

  if ($password != $pass_check) {
    echo "<center><h3>Password's don't match!<br>Please use your back 
button and fix the error</h3></center>";

  } else {

// Connect To The Database

$db  = mysql_connect("localhost","user","password") or die ("couldn't 
connect to server");

mysql_select_db("dbname",$db) or die ("couldn't select database");

//Find Out If They Are Already In The System

   $sql = "SELECT name,email FROM tablename WHERE
      name='$name' OR email='$email'";
         if ($num > 0)
             echo "<center><h3>Your Username is already taken.<br>Please 
use your back button and choose another</h3></center>";
        else {

more code


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