On Tue,  4 Sep 2001 12:06, Gary wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> I have a script that checks if the password and password confirm are
> the same on a sign up page. It seems that if the password is already in
> the db it prints out passwords do not match like the password and
> confirm do not match. Why?
>     //check if passwords match
>   if ($password != $pass_check) {
>     echo "<center><h3>Password's don't match!<br>Please use your back
> button and fix the error</h3></center>";
>   } else {
> // Connect To The Database
> $db  = mysql_connect("localhost","user","password") or die ("couldn't
> connect to server");
> mysql_select_db("dbname",$db) or die ("couldn't select database");
> //Find Out If They Are Already In The System
>    $sql = "SELECT name,email FROM tablename WHERE
>       name='$name' OR email='$email'";
>          $result=mysql_query($sql);
>          $num=mysql_numrows($result);
>          if ($num > 0)
>              echo "<center><h3>Your Username is already
> taken.<br>Please use your back button and choose
> another</h3></center>";
>         else {
> more code
> Gary

Is the password stored as an encrypted string in the DB (one would hope 
so!) If so, you'll need to compare an encrypted version of the string you 
are testing.

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