I want to calculate an average from the following variables/arrays

a - $f[$index][f_d1_perc] with $f[$index][f_d1_weight]
b - $f[$index][f_d2_perc] with $f[$index][f_d2_weight]
c - $f[$index][f_d3_perc] with $f[$index][f_d3_weight]
d - $f[$index][f_d4_perc] with $f[$index][f_d4_weight]
e - $f[$index][f_d5_perc] with $f[$index][f_d5_weight]

All varables are integers:
- $f[$index][f_d _perc] = 0 - 100
- $f[$index][f_d1_weight] = 0 - 10

I want the folowing:

total score = (a *  weight) + (b *  weight) + (c *  weight) + (d *  weight)
+ (e *  weight).
total vars = weight a + weight b + weight c + weight d + weight e.
Average = total score / total average.
The calulated average has to be stored in "$f[$index][f_perc]".

The problem is that not always all the variables are set. How do I check
these arrays and leave them out of the calculation when they don't contain a

Hope anyone can help me...

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