I used Hurricane until spring of 2000 and their billing was incredibly slow, often 4 
months behind.   I closed/moved all accounts when they failed to close an account as 
requested by email.   I did not know they failed to closed the account til the bill 
finally showed up 4 months later.   I sent them a copy of my email (and following 
thread), but they essentially said they did not believe me and would not credit my 
account.    I worked with my credit card company to recoup my money.   

I have since been using Halfpricehosting.com and hostpro.com and have been very happy 
with both.   I learned of both companies from this list.    Thanks to all who 
contribute their time!

Ron s

>>> "Chris Bailey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 09/04/01 05:23PM >>> 
If anyone knows of such a setup in the US that achieves that cost with that 
amount of space, I too would be interested. 

But, short of that, at least one solution is Hurricane Electric. They have 
a variety of "self serve" web plans, ranging from $10/month on up. It 
includes PHP and MySQL, runs on Apache, etc. You get full shell access 
(duh), and also 11 or more POP boxes (11 for the $10/month, then it 
increases as you go up). Check out: http://www.he.net/spaceservices.html 

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Subject: [PHP] GOOD web hosting 

I thought I had good web hosting, but I don't. They're often very slow and 
frequently (I'd say at least an hour every day) my site is inaccessable. 
Today I've barely been able to get on it at all. 

So I'm moving. 

I'm in the UK. Is it stupid for me to go with a US hoster? And either way 
who do you recommend? Obviously I want php and mysql support, and a few 
hundred megs of space, and NOT paying through the roof. $20/month tops. 

- seb 
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