Has anyone experience of using Dreamweaver library item files (.lbi)s as 
php includes?

We've got a standard header and footer to go across all pages on a site with
the navigation etc.  We want both the designers, (using Dreamweaver), and the
php programmers to have access to these includes, so that the Dreamweavers can
view the pages automatically with the headers/footers shown, and the programmers
can still maintain the pages and includes without Dreamweaver.

I don't fully understand how Dreamweaver library files work, so I guess my
questions are :

a) Can you use a url for a Dreamweaver libary file rather than using a local file
so we can all share a single master copy?

b) Can we tell Dreamweaver to include the libary file's html when previewing but
exclude it when saving, so we don't end up with the library code twice, once embedded 
Dreamweaver on the save and once included by php at execution?  (I insist on the live 
using the master version as I'm not prepared to trust the Dreamweavers to rebuild the
pages when the library files change!)

I guess I've got workarounds if the answers to these prove negative.

For a) I can bully the Dreamweavers into keeping the master/local copies in step, 
and for b) I guess I can get the php to strip out the Dreamweaver copy of the 
library code at execution with a little bit of spoofing of Dreamweaver about where
php starts and ends i.e. something like....

<?php turn_into_an_include(<<<ENDLIBRARY

   dreamweaver library item tags and text 


where turn_into_an_include is a function which just finds the library file name 
in the passed string of library code and includes it from the appropriate server 

Of course, this is a bit clumsy, any better suggestions?

Many thanks,



c) In the worst case I guess, we can live with local and master copies of library
files and remind the Dreamweavers to always update the master when they make changes 
get the php
to strip out the embedded library file html at execution time and replace it with 
an appropriate include statement of the server copy.  I've got an idea how 
to do this by as anyone else tried this?

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