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Date: Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 02:28:03PM +0200
Subject: Re: [PHP] For the RegExps gurus!

> Thanks alot man!
> They are all still using /e switch... ;)

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Yep... still using /e switch. I'm not sure if there's a way to do
this without using it. But I'm still pretty sure there's a better
way then the three I've mentioned so far.
But you know... fact is that I do have to work, so I don't have time
to keep on trying nonstop. In between things I'm trying to figure
out what's the best way to do this. I believe there's a better way,
and I'm (also) trying to figure out a way to do it without /e.

Btw... It's your job to try to proof the regexp's aren't correct.
Try to find some weird construction in $mem that should be a valid
URL but isn't matched/replaced by the regexp's. It's a necessary
evil to (try to) proof what you have is wrong. Seems strange, but
one should realy try hard to find a way to make one's own program's
fail. Only then you can fix realy everything a make the most optimal
So... if you find something where the regexp's fail: plz let me
know. I don't have time to test the regexp's thoroughly. (sorry?!)



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