On Mon, 17 Sep 2001 13:15:08 +0200 impersonator of [EMAIL PROTECTED] (*
R&Ze:) planted &I saw in php.general:

>Ehhh... hai!
Halo! Good to see you back:)

>I've been away on vacation, so it's a bit late, but anyway...
Indeed late.. Had a good one?
>> You didn't. Actually please expose - tell i tell i:). I am all ears:)
>I meant I improved my own versions, not you're version. That's why
>you can't find the improvement on you're code. If that's what you
Hmm, Why R U not employing smilers, why you after 'humor':) Of course, I
meant, that the WAY your code is made is not better, not that you
_litteraly_ improved my code (The later case would be a breakage of
ownership, so you wouldn't admit it, unless you R a Skliarov' type:)
>> ? RE ? Sorry, I am not a club insider:)
>Not realy any kind of club... just lazy typing; RE stands for
>Regular Expression.
Guess wat? I use RegExp abbr. Thats why. Silly me. Now I know that this is
not a developer's kit:) TnX a lot. And, BTW, I agree with your thoughts
about clarity and simplicity (causing performance 'optimality') of
expressions. Not though - that it should be done at the expense of
functionality. In the discussed case, your approach is just an approach to
solution, sorry, whereus mine include practicaly allowed by standard
symbols. May be I am missing something too, but at least do not include,
what is not allowed, i hope. Correct me if I am wrong.
>* R&zE:
>-- Renze Munnik
>-- DataLink BV
Best Regards. 
i Leonid
PS: Have you seen a bike/pilot helmeted guy, speaking of unix advantages,
lately? - in your 'dream'. I did - in mine (submitted to me actually:)

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