Hmm? Are you trying to run it as a shell script? If so it doesn't matter
where you put it as long as it have the Execute flag turned on and correct
path to script handler.

did you try this: ./scriptname.php ?

"Ajdin Brandic" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
> I am trying to run a php script of the shell but am getting No Such File
> or Directory error.  I am executing it from cgi-bin but have tried from
> httpdocs.  chmod is 777. Path to php is /usr/local/lib/php.
> Any idea why is this happening.
> Part of my code:
> ------------------------------------
> #!/usr/local/lib/php
>   if(gettype($arrayofsubjects) != "array") {
>     $arrayofsubjects= array();
>   }
> global $pop_server
> ..............
> ---------------------------------------
> Regards
> Ajdin

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