> Try method=GET in Your form to submit if You want to url be like
> url?var=value. Or php function header( 'Location: ' .rul . 
> 'var=value' );

No, i'm not using a form, and i cant execute any php scripts whatsoever
if there are no php script specified to execute. 

> That's all You need I hope. Sorry but Your question is not 
> good explained.

Please read my mail again, I tried to described my problem as good
as possible.

> Martin Lindhe wrote:
> > I need to solve the following problem, but I can't figure out how:
> >
> > Let's assume we have a server called www.test.com
> > When a user access http://www.test.com/path/username,
> > I want a php script to execute, as if the url entered was
> > http://www.test.com/path.php?value=username.
> >
> > I'm running PHP 4.0.6 on Apache 1.3.20.
> > I've looked at both PHP and Apache documentation about this, but
> > i havent found any information or examples on how this 
> could be solved,
> > so I'm asking the question here in hope for help.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > /Martin Lindhe

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