> I upgraded from PHP 4.0.5 <> 4.0.6 and since i get openbasedir errors all
> over the place when i try to upload a file through a php script
> is this a bug?
> Stefan de Wal
> dewal.nl

Stefan, did you check your open_basedir and/or error_reporting settings in
php.ini and apache config? What are the errors?

Just because something worked before but doesn't now, doesn't mean it's a
bug in php. It's often because of default settings being different from the
settings you had before upgrade. That's not to say there can't be a bug in
php of course, but just jumping to that conclusion (apparently right away)
is silly.

You can probably help everyone by checking your side of things thouroughly
first, and then when you do report problems, provide more info.


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