> > Stefan, did you check your open_basedir and/or error_reporting settings
> > php.ini and apache config? What are the errors?
> >
> I did. No difference between the old php.ini and the new...the apache
> is also unchanged.

And the mentioned open basedir errors? What did they say?

> I think the problem lies in the person who made the rpm package which I
> So i take back the possible bug report. I solved it by running an older
> package (4.0.5)

I'm glad you've got a workaround, but it'd be nice to get to the bottom of
the problem and fix it so you can run the latest version which is what you
probably wanted when you upgraded to it. What made you reach the new
conclusion that it's a problem with the rpm, and can we work out what's
wrong with it?


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