I don't think this is correct!

You can't do this:

list($a, $b) = variable!
which is the case in: list($key, list($tag, $data)) = each($array)

you can use: list($key, $value) = each($array)

> I am a newbie and having some problems with a function I found in a
> while(list($key,list($tag,$data))=each($array))
> From what I have read of list(), what I assume is happening here is that
> takeing a 2 dimensional array and assigning the key value pairs
> so that I can then work with the data using the $key, $tag, and $data
> variables while it cycles through each item in the array. Is this correct?
> If this is correct, which order is the dimension of the array? For example
> if the values of the variables were: $tag = 2 and $key = 1 would it be:
> $array[1][2] or $array[2][1]
> I have tried both, and dont get the $data (outside of the while loop I am
> trying to access specific parts of the array). Other thoughts?
> Thanks for the help,
> Ken

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