Hi guys,

When I use preg_replace with an array of integer as the replacement
parameter, this function modifies the type of each array element to string.
I don't understand why it alters the content of the array while this
variable is not pass by reference (True or not ??).

I have just upgraded to PHP 4.0.6 and it I don't think it was the case in
PHP 4.0.4 (the version I was using before, without this problem).

Here is a short example that demonstrate my problem.

$ary_pattern = array("@One@");
$ary_replace = array(1);
$string_before =  "One example";
echo gettype($ary_replace[0]); // This line outputs 'integer'
$string_after = preg_replace($ary_pattern, $ary_replace, $string_before);
echo "<br>$string_after<br>";
echo gettype($ary_replace[0]); // This line outputs 'string'

Is this a bug from preg_replace or am I doing wrong somewhere? Any help
would be appreciated.

Nicolas Guilhot

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