I have a webpage that uses php4 and a SSL connection for some sensitive
information like credit card number and such, it's a registration process.

When MacOS users access the page it all goes well and no problems at all.
But... when PC/Windows users access the page they get some problems and it
shows every now and then so it's hard to know what causes it.

I have a screenshot of the error that accure that causes them to do the
registrationprocess again and it's a bit annoying:

Do you think this is because of bad PHP-programming or is it because of the
SSL, or do you have any other sugestions?

I find it hard to beleve that it is because of the programming because
before the SSL-connection when I only have a regular HTTP-connection there
were never any problems, and it works fine with MacOS users.

Please help! ;)

/Magnus Hammar

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