Zope is very good but badly documented.  The other things to consider is
hosting, which is relatively expensive as there are not that many people
who do it. Also the fact that you will have to learn python (which is not a
major issue but is probably a much higher learning code than PHP) is
something to consider.

I started developing an e-commerce site in Zope but switched to PHP because
the lack of documentation was driving me nuts.  This is a particular
problem because zope is far from a traditional language. Its bad enough
trying to get your head round a new paradigm when the documentation is
good! The only 'book' on it was the one on the web site and the
documentation/articles are rather eclectic.  Also the book only really
scratches the surface.

Having said this the email list is very useful and the environment is
elegant.  Have fun and let me know how you get on.  I am not on php-general
at the moment so please email me directly (I will try to send this to
php-general but an sure it will bounce).


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