Due to all the questions I am posting replies to this thread to a single 

> I'm very intruiged how you have got this to work.... it was my
> understanding you needed to be running a server, such as kannel, and have a
> contract with an smsc?
No, you don't need anything special.

> could U list the URL

> http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1568.txt?number=1568
This is old, Don't use it. The reason is not that any of the commands are 
unusable but there is no reason to go through the trouble of programming to 
do it to an out of date rfc.

> Thats the standard, but because of the other systems involved in delivering
> msgs then I don't think it possible just to do that without the
> co-operation of a third party smsc.
You don't need any third party anything. It is exactly like sending a request 
to a web server (get, post, header, etc...) except the port number will be 
different and the commands are different. But, the premise is the same. OPen 
a socket, send request, process response, send request.... . I know the 
browser is usually doing a lot of this for you but the point is that if a 
company has a gateway out there you can send messages to it.

> for those who are interested there is a good wap/sms server, open source
> and generally funky.... kannel (kannel.3glabs.org)
Not neccessary. You can do it with PHP, Perl, Python, C or anything else you 
can bind to a port. It is really not that difficult. If you own a wireless 
company and need to make the actual gateway all the pieces are available to 
stitch together. PHP or some other language for the internet gateway, RTNPP 
that will communicate with the actual terminal. Time is required but not a 
lot of money.

> Yes, but if you don't have a lot of traffic you can use a GSM modem as
> SMS-C. Anyway, any single message will costs as by contract with the
> carrier.
I was not aware that any carrier would attempt to charge someone trying to 
contact one of their subscribers. Surely I misunderstood you here.

I will talk to my employer about releasing the code I have. I am currently 
rewriting it for another application so I am not sure when it would be in a 
state to be released. It currently only has been tested with US based 
companies like skytel, Verizon, AT&T, and the like.

Lewis Bergman
Texas Communications
4309 Maple St.
Abilene, TX 79602-8044

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