I have the same problem. We have a fairly complex and huge system 
with many functions/features in it with 1,6Mb of plain php code 
(without desing). For page generation usually one half (or third 
maybe) of the code is needed. I found that php parses and complies 
the code in 0.6secs (without any function call except require_once-s 
one page generation takes 0.6-0.62secs). So is there a way to make it 
faster (of course except the trivial "cut the code into more smaller 
files", and "the you should have made it in a compiled language" 
sollution :)))


> I have a question regarding includes and writing
> library modules in PHP.
> In one of the replies to my previous e-mail,I was told
> that PHP parses/compiles pages everytime a new request
> comes in. So, does this mean we have to minimize the
> amount of code per page (which also means to minimize
> number of includes) to improve response time? I mean,


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