Ok, I have written code to go through the file grabbing pretty much what I
need.  Now in the array after explode ($oldline=explode("|", $buffer);) I
need to split apart $oldline[9].  Each element should hold no more than 4000
characters.  So I will dump this all into a new array.  What would be the
best way to do this?

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help :)

> > I have a very large text file that is set up like so:  It contains
> > some smaller columns but one HUGE one that contains the body of a
> > resume.  I am looking for help on processing this file.  What I
> > need to do is convert the final column into three columns.  Each
> > column can have no more than 4000 characters, is this possible?
> > Well I know it's possible but can someone help me?  I am down to
> > my last options :(
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> Dunno what you want to do exactly, but have you ever thought about
> split()?
> Something like: $myColumns = split ("|", $contents);
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