Hello everyone -- I'm just a little bit stumped on this. I've got some
files that are available for user download, however, the files are in
different directories. The file names are based on the item number which
is available. For example, item number "AS1000-01" is in directory "AS"
and is named "AS1000-01.xxx" -- All files will have the same extension.
That's no problem. Where I'm confused is not all of the directories are
2 letter names. For example, file "BSEB10-010" is in the "BSE"
directory. Some directories are 4 characters long -- all except the
BSEB**-*** files match their directory names until the file name
contains a number (ASxxxx is in "AS", MASxxxx is in "MAS", etc). I need
this script to be as dynamic as possible. I don't want to set up arrays
of directory names or anything. Can I run through the string of item
numbers until I hit a numeric character, and then check that substring
to see if it's a directory? If it doesn't match exactly is there a way
to search for that file in directories that almost match? Any ideas? Thanks,


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