On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 15:29:34 -0500, Joseph Koenig wrote:
>Hello everyone -- I'm just a little bit stumped on this. I've got
>files that are available for user download, however, the files are
>different directories. The file names are based on the item number
>is available. For example, item number "AS1000-01" is in directory
>and is named "AS1000-01.xxx" -- All files will have the same
>That's no problem. Where I'm confused is not all of the directories
>2 letter names. For example, file "BSEB10-010" is in the "BSE"
>directory. Some directories are 4 characters long -- all except the
>BSEB**-*** files match their directory names until the file name
>contains a number (ASxxxx is in "AS", MASxxxx is in "MAS", etc). I
>this script to be as dynamic as possible. I don't want to set up
>of directory names or anything. Can I run through the string of item
>numbers until I hit a numeric character, and then check that
>to see if it's a directory? If it doesn't match exactly is there a
>to search for that file in directories that almost match? Any ideas?

how about:
$path=`find /$basedir -name $filename`;

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