Yeah, I think it's my server setup, or something I have going on on my
server because others have said that it works fine for them but not on my

I'm running red hat linux 6.1 apache+mod_ssl 1.3.20

On 9/24/2001 2:08 PM this was written:

>> Then I will reload the first page again by erasing index2.php and
>> hitting enter and it will display a new sess id number and show the
>> first page, as normal but that sessid number is equal t the new
>> session created on the server and the value of it is:
>> var3; var1; var2
>> This is stranger than strange.
> This isn't so strange. The session id is stored in a cookie.
> But.. I turned off cookies (debuging can be done much easier), and
> played a little.
> I found that the session is created properly on the first page and
> the 2 variables are registered too.
> But on the second page they aren't set on the first view (that's
> stange!).
> If I reload the page (of course the same sid is in the url), the 2
> variables this time are set, with their value that were given on the
> first page (that's why I told above they were registered, and their
> values are stored properly, so it's not a problem of rights, session
> save paths, etc..)
> So that's what I've found, but I have to go home now sorry.
> On the other hand the 2 source file you've sent me worked fine on my
> computer, without any problems (and warnings).


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