Don't use subselect in MySQL, MYSQL have not completed it now , Use "join"
to instead it.

"Christian Dechery" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm having trouble puting up a query in Mysql because of his lack of SQL
> syntax.
> I have a table A and a table B... I want all occurences from A there are
> not in B...
> in ANSI SQL... it's nothing more than:
> select, from table_a a, table_b b where NOT IN (select id
> from table_b)
> and that's it... but in Mysql, since there are no sub-selects, I'm burning
> my brains out and not getting it... I don't wanna create a temp table like
> the manual suggests... this is way NOT efficient... I'd rather do it in
> code than having a query that creates a temporary table, then drop it...
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