what do you mean "cheat"??? I want the best solution possible...
I don't want a bomb in my hands that will work for 100 orders but will 
crash and make the printer crazy with 10.000 orders...

If I converted the html doc to PDF would it be as perfect as if I produced 
a PDF directly from PHP dinamically?

At 10:16 25/9/2001 -0700, Evan Nemerson wrote:
>If you want to cheat, I would create the html doc, then use one of the many
>HTML -> PDF converters out there. Of course you could also create the PDF by
>hand, there is a module for that
>On Tuesday 25 September 2001 08:19, you wrote:
> > I'm having some trouble putting on a formatting to printer script.
> >
> > I've done it in ASP to print CDs tracklists... 4 per page.
> >
> > Since I know nothing about Word macros, I've done it in HTML and it's
> > working fine... it's customizable and all..
> > but the problem I have is printers... since it's in HTML each printer
> > prints the way it wants... cuz HTML is not a fixed doc or anything.
> >
> > So I was wondering if this would be easy to implement in PDF, it would be
> > closed, fixed and printer independent cuz it would have fixed sizes of
> > fields and all...
> >
> > is it easy... can anyone give me some pointers?
> >
> > thanks...

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