"Maxim Maletsky (PHPBeginner.com)" wrote:

> I ported it to use a hybrid of CSS/HTML which slows a bit the browser
> down but having less size it is way better acceptable than before, plus
> kewl script is now smart enough to choose where to use CSS and where
> FONT depending on occurrences of that color.

    I'd just like to know what browsers (and versions) on what platforms are
you viewing these pages of yours.  I have Nutscrape 4.78 and 6.1 and IE 5.5,
as well as 6.0, on Winblows 98, and all four of them can not display your
rendered page.  IE just plain crashes.  At least Nutscrape tries, and
manages just fine, with the image all compressed and unidentifiable.

> So, what will be the next step now?

    Make it work properly?  <grin>

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