echo $PHPSESSID on every page, is it the same on every page ?

I usually recommend that you create the register variables too.

else {
  $userid = '';
  $userpassword = '';

if $PHPSESSID is set then session_start() will find it and use it, if your
trying to override HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['PHPSESSID'] with
HTTP_GET_VARS['PHPSESSID'] I would also check if it is not thedefault
allready, change the code to relect that then


all small things, nothing big looks wrong. try it and see.


  Chris Lee

"Jean-Christian Imbeault" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Ok, newbie I am but ... I seem to be losing my session vars when I load up
> different php page.
> My set-up:
> 1- main page starts session and logs user in
> if (isset($PHPSESSID))
>   session_start($PHPSESSID);
> else
>   session_start();
> $PHPSESSID = session_id();
> if(!isset($userid)) {
>    login_form();
>    exit;
> }
> else {
>    session_register("userid", "userpassword");
> }
> Once the user is logged in I have no problem accessin the vars $userid and
> $userpassword.
> On the page I even have an <A HREF> link to second php page and the vars
> accessible there also.
> However this other page has a form. When the user submits the form, a
> php page is loaded. On this third page the vars no longer have any values.
> Why is this? How can I access the vars from this third page?
> Thanks!
> Jc
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