My god does PHP need one. Or a library of functions to use.

Yes, I have built in CURL support and am reading the $HTTP_RAW_DATA_POST
variable and rolling my own as they say, but it sure would be nice. I've
seen Manual Lemos' soap classes, and they are cool, but aren't really what I

PHP is fast, has beautiful syntax and I love it, but I think it needs to
grow up a bit. I don't mean to start a war, but it is true, php needs to
evolve into something beyond a newbie language great for producing db driven

I wish I could help, and after a few more C classes I will be able to, but
until then, I can only hope some C wizard is producing something like this.
Web-services are going to be big. Independent of .net (*uck MS), but the
messaging (SOAP) paradigm over http is going to be big. How does php fit in

It looks as though we're headed over to tomcat, and I'm probably going to
bring a bunch of php developers with me. And that sucks, because tomcat is
slow, and it takes twice as long to produce an application w/ non masters
level or big time CS people.

The first thing I'm going to try though is running php as a servlet under
tomcat, but it's only to get at the apache soap tools. See what I mean.

Thanks to all the php developers. 'gards - Eric

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