i need help with a, seemingly, simple problem...

I have a form that is supposed to update a MySql table with only two fields
(id and show_id). I use show_id to determine what is showing on my first
page and never store more than one value in the table.

Now - i cant seem to get the REPLACE to work. First it only added more rows
in the table with a new value each time. I solved that by inserting
I inserted a hidden value into the form to make sure that the correct (and
only) value will be replaced:

<input type="hidden" name="fid" value="1">

But, that┤s when it stopped working.
Show_id is determined by radio buttons in the form and that part is working.
In the actual query i REPLACE the value of show_id:

    $query = "REPLACE INTO puff";
    $query .= "(id, show_id)";
    $query .= " values('$fid''$show_id')";

I am sure it┤s a simple solution. But please point it out for me.

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