> A quick look at the REPLACE syntax tells me that
> "REPLACE works exactly like INSERT, except that if an old record in the
> table has the same value as a new record on a unique index, the old
> record is deleted before the new record is inserted."
> So if id isn't a unique index, you could expect the values to be added.

The id is a unique index.
But - as often before. Asking something here triggers my brain to work. I
found the problem. I simply forgot a comma in my query:
$query .= " values('$fid''$show_id')";

I got a little disappointed at first when the query started adding
additional values again. But it only did that one time. For some reason it
wanted id to have a row with the value "0". After that it started to replace
the row with id "1". And now it works :)

- Daniel

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