Yes, it is.

This is exactly the problem. Do you know a way to solution this ? 

Thks, Karina


I'm not sure I fully understand the problem, but I think I can
have a guess
at it based on my past experiences...

if you have a php page that starts a session with
session_start() and, say
for example, you then try and echo the session id with
session_id() it will
not be displayed on screen until you actually refresh the page
or move to
another page that calls the session id.

In other words, the session id seems to be set when the session
is started,
but isn't availale to use in your script until the page is

This is based on what I can remember from 8 months ago and I
haven't tested
it out, but I believe this is the sort of problem being
described in this

Cheers the noo,


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