Both of SID and session_id() should return the current session id after
session_start() has been called.


On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Karina wrote:

> Yes, it is.
> This is exactly the problem. Do you know a way to solution this ?
> Thks, Karina
> ---------------
> I'm not sure I fully understand the problem, but I think I can
> have a guess
> at it based on my past experiences...
> if you have a php page that starts a session with
> session_start() and, say
> for example, you then try and echo the session id with
> session_id() it will
> not be displayed on screen until you actually refresh the page
> or move to
> another page that calls the session id.
> In other words, the session id seems to be set when the session
> is started,
> but isn't availale to use in your script until the page is
> re-loaded.
> This is based on what I can remember from 8 months ago and I
> haven't tested
> it out, but I believe this is the sort of problem being
> described in this
> thread.
> Cheers the noo,
> Derek

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