Hello again

I suppose I was not precise enough.

> with HTTP 1.1, you just need the normal url, for the GET,
And what do I do with it? How to send it as a request?

> but if you want to
> use POST or something, you do strlen() and get the length, set the
> contentlength, then you send it...
How? Open socket to the server and HTTP port and write what to it?

> So i learn't a bit on the http specifications...
Yes... But I do not know those HTTP specifications...

> btw it might be an idea to try
> $output = file("http://site.com/website?arg1=value&arg2=value2");
Works just like:
$fd = fopen("http://site.com/website?ag1=value1&arg2=value2","r");
$output = fread($fd,1000000000);
And gives error page in $output.

                                    Kamil 'Hilarion' Nowicki

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